Creative Europe MEDIA for 25 years

The MEDIA programme celebrates it’s 25th anniversary this year. Since 1991, MEDIA has provided support to strengthen Europe’s audiovisual sector, including the film, TV and videogames industries, so that it can creatively convey the breadth of Europe’s rich cultural diversity to audiences around the world. Over €2.4 billion has been invested in enhancing the careers of audiovisual professionals and in giving new audiences access to Europe’s wealth of creative and cultural achievements in cinemas, on TV and on digital platforms.

The MEDIA programme has been one of RIFF’s main supporter during the past few years. Without it we would not be able to offer as diverse and impressive program as we strive for. Many other Icelandic projects have also benefitted from the help of the MEDIA program. There is no doubt that MEDIA has enriched Icelandic culture.

The €121-million Cultural and Creative Industries Guarantee Facility will be launched in 2016 with the objective of stimulating availability of loan financing to initiatives in these sectors; and aiming to increase the competitiveness of these key European industries. The European Commission (responsible for strategy, budget, communication), the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (responsible for operational management of the funding schemes) and the Creative Europe Desks (local information points in States taking part in the programme) work together on the implementation of Creative Europe MEDIA actions.

Before Iceland joined the MEDIA programme, very few Icelandic films managed to achieve international recognition. With support from the MEDIA distribution scheme, two Icelandic films were released in 26 European countries in 2015. By stimulating collaboration, co-production and non-national distribution, Creative Europe MEDIA greatly contributes to cultural diversity on Europe’s screens.

Below you can see videos about various projects MEDIA has supported. WE AT RIFF WISH YOU A HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!