RIFF goes to Malta

The conference „The Cinema of Small Nations“ starts today in Malta. Iceland has two representatives at the conference. Our festival director Hrönn Marinósdóttir and Laufey Guðjónsdóttir director of the Icelandic film centre. Ireland, Moldova, Latvia, Croatia and of course Malta will also participate.

The conference is being organized by Film Grain Foundation (FGF), organizers of Valletta Film Festival, to bring together academics, filmmakers, policy makers, broadcasters and distributors to discuss the cinema and broadcasting produced by some of the world’s smallest states.

The conference will question if size does matter in the digital era and aims to offer a comparative view and shed light on the persistent challenges faced by small nations in their creation of indigenous industries, the opportunities which can be accessed by producers, directors and audio-visual artists, the institutional parameters and public policies governing cinematic production in their context, how small nations can collaborate and work together to strengthen their industries and produce quality content, the role of film education in the creation of audio-visual artists and the ways in which different countries can share expertise, the accessibility of distribution networks for small nations and the impact of any solutions that might have been explored over the years

Malta looks to Iceland regarding the policy of the cinema. They are impressed by Iceland’s international success in the film industry. We at Reykjavik International Film Festival hope that our participation in the conference will strengthen our relationship with other small nations such as Malta and that we will find opportunities to further cooperation in the future.