Reykjavík Talent Lab

Reykjavík Talent Lab er kvikmyndasmiðja RIFF fyrir ungt hæfileikafólk. Smiðjan fer að þessu sinni fram dagana 29. september til 3. október 2015.

Þátttakendur fá tækifæri til þess að hittast í Reykjavík og upplifa það sem er að gerast í kvikmyndaiðnaði beggja vegna Atlantshafsins.

Opnað var fyrir umsóknir mánudaginn 23. febrúar. Sæktu um hér.


Hvað gerist í Talent Lab? Valið hæfileikafólk fær tækifæri til þess að hitta reynda leikstjóra og framleiðendur úr kvikmyndageiranum sem koma á Alþjóðlega kvikmyndahátíð í ár. Ennfrekar fá þátttakendur tækifæri til þess að senda inn stuttmyndir sínar sem keppa síðan um Gulleggið, sem eru verðlaun sérstaklega veitt ungu og upprennandi kvikmyndagerðarfólki.

Kvikmyndasmiðjan stendur í fjóra daga á meðan hátíð stendur. Þar mun kvikmyndagerðarfólkið taka þátt í vinnustöðvum og röð fyrirlestra reynds kvikmyndagerðarfólks. Menntun og skemmtun fer þannig saman hönd í hönd. Dagskráin verður uppfull af góðu efni, kvikmyndum og málstofum. Að auki verða sérstakir viðburðir haldnir fyrir kvikmyndasmiðjuna.

Umsagnir erlendra þátttakenda í Talent Lab:

“Just left iceland and miss it already. thanks so much for such an amazing experience! it was great to meet all of you, im sure we`ll cross paths again! ” Daniel Sitts  USA 

“The Talent Lab was full of inspiring encounters, i met amazing people and went back home awesomely inspired!” – Zorana Musikic, GERMANY 

“I want to express my sincerest thanks to you for allowing me to participate in the RIFF Talent Lab. It was a fantastic experience. Everyone at the festival and at the hostel made me feel welcomed. – Daniel Williams, USA   

“I had the privilege of being invited to the Talent Lab in Iceland this year, and just returned from what was an unforgettable trip. There are many of these “Labs” or “Campus’” around nowadays, all inspired from the original Talent Campus hosted by the Berlinale. This version is more intimate (Talent Campus as an example has hundreds of participants) which was great because I got to know pretty much all of the people who had come from around the world to do the workshop. We got to meet Academy Award winning director James Marsh, listen to a masterclass by art house icon Bela Tarr, and although it had nothing to do with film, I even got to meet the President of Iceland and the First Lady.”- Faisal Lutchmedial, CANADA 

„RIFF Talent Lab is an amazing experience from many points of view… The master classes offer the opportunity to learn but also to interact with top professionals of the main aspects of film making; the working group of young but already operating international filmmakers gives the chance first of all to meet each other and networking, but also to know better the cinematographic realities in other countries; the festival proposes a stimulating selection of movies. Last, but not least you are in such a wonderful island, so particular and beautiful that I will never forget it!!!”Arianna Rossini, Italy 

„The Talent Laboratory of the Reykjavik International Film Festival was most inspiring and worthwhile for me. Especially I appreciated the great atmosphere among the participants, the interesting program and the chance to make contacts to people of the filming industry. After having so many great new impulses coming out of this experience I wish there was a „future RIFF allumni talent lab“ right away next year I could attend!“ Katharina Ingwersen, Germany 

“Thank you very much for an unforgettable week(end) with great, creative and inspiring people from all over the world! Thanks for this unique opportunity to learn, exchange and do some networking. I will definitely come back to the RIFF and to beautiful Iceland :o)!” Katrine Eichberger, Austria 

“The days in Talent Lab just flew by. There was always someone interesting to talk to, a workshop to attend or a movie to watch. An intense, unforgettable experience.“ Christian Fischer, Germany