RIFF Institute

Reykjavík International Film Festival is not over when the cinema lights go out in October. All year round, we aim to enrich the local and international film culture with a number of different initiatives that we jointly call the RIFF Institute. Summer courses, workshops, educational programmes for kids and teenagers and networking opportunities form the backbone of our institutional work. Please read more about each unit below.

Industry Days

The Industry Days are organized in cooperation with the Icelandic Film Centre. During this period film professionals get the opportunity to watch the best of the best in recent Icelandic film production, learn about works in progress as well as co-production opportunities (invitation only) and take part in round table discussions and industry meetings with international and domestic film professionals (open programm).

Talent Lab

The transatlantic Talent Lab is for young people from Europe and America who want to meet up with other like-minded individuals in Reykjavík and make first-hand contact with film producers and other professionals for help and consulting on their first feature film.

The Summer Institute

The Summer Institute is a forum where talent in the film industry can improve their script development skills. The focus is on guidance and instruction in script-writing and project development in the process of transforming good ideas for film production into effective, workable screenplays. Lectures, discussions and live “pitch presentation” meetings will be held where participants receive feedback to their ideas and proposals as an integral part of the schedule in the Summer Institute.

Supervisors will work closely with small groups of students in the development of manuscripts. Besides the participants will get private guidance from the instructors. In addition, there will be group lectures and a few case-study film screenings. The intention is that participants will return home with a deeper understanding of the various methods of visual storytelling – experiences that can be applied to the creation of fictional scripts, animation and documentaries.

Those who work in new media and game design are also welcome to apply. The last Summer Institute took place in Skagafjörður in 2013

Minus 25

Stop-motion Workshop

Reykjavík International Film Festival has established a stop-motion workshop for our youngest generation over the course of the past few years related to the film festival. Children are taught to create a simple animation with the stop-motion technique.

Teachers are introduced to a simple method of creating an animation with the help of stop-motion by RIFF employees beforehand. Consequently, teachers and children work collectively on producing videos with the assistance of the RIFF staff.

RIFF will also arrange an animation workshop in the basement of the Nordic House. This will be a great opportunity of creating and learning even more about stop-motion. RIFF employees and professional filmmakers will always be alongside to educate all those who are interested in animation. After finishing the production the short movies will then be premiered in the Nordic House at the end of September. Everybody is welcome to join the screening.

Short Film Workshop for students

Just as last year RIFF will organize a Short Film Workshop for youngsters during the festival in cooperation with the Central Film Unit for the secondary schools of Reykjavik. The workshop will take place at the Nordic House and is intended for children and young teenagers from ten to 15 years of age. Also teachers are welcome to listen to several lectures about script-writing, direction and editing.

Within four days the workshop will teach the making of short animation films. Each school is requested to send two groups with an equal number of boys and girls. Each group has a teacher who coordinates and produces the film as a mentor. Further teachers are of course invited to participate and listen to the lectures.