Children and Teenagers

Stop-motion Workshop

RIFF has established a stop-motion workshop for our youngest generation over the course of the past year related to the film festival. Children are taught to create a simple animation with the stop-motion technique.

Teachers are introduced to a simple method of creating an animation with the help of stop – motion by RIFF employees beforehand. Consequently, teachers and children work collectively on producing videos with the assistance of the RIFF staff.

Riff sometimes arranges an animation workshop in the basement of the Nordic House, a great opportunity of creating and learning even more about stop-motion. RIFF employees and professional filmmakers will always be alongside to educate all those who are interested in animation.
After finishing the production the short movies are then be premiered in the Nordic House during the festival. Everybody is welcome to join the screening.

Short Film Workshop for students

Riff has organised a Short Film Workshop for youngsters during the festival for the secondary schools of Reykjavik. The workshop takes place in the Nordic House and is intended for Children and young Teenagers (10 – 15 years old), as well as teachers who attend lectures about script-writing, direction and editing. The 4 day program teaches the basics in the making of short films. Each school sends two groups of children who under the guidance of a professional make a short film. The films are consequently screened in front of an audience.